Fluorescent Light Disposal

Mercury, a vital component of fluorescent lighting, is a dangerous metal. This means there are some challenges present regarding fluorescent tube disposal. When a bulb breaks, it can release this toxic element in both liquid and gaseous form, both of which are not safe for the human body. It is very important to take proper precautions when dealing with mercury and its fumes. HP EnviroVision in Dallas can take care of all your fluorescent bulb recycling needs. When you need help with fluorescent bulb disposal, our Dallas hazard specialists will happily handle it.

Dallas Metro Fluorescent Bulb Disposal from HP EnviroVision

Our Dallas technicians are experienced in the proper removal of several kinds of hazardous materials that are commonly found at homes, construction sites, and remodel projects. You can rest easy that you are receiving quick and comprehensive care when you choose HP EnviroVision in Dallas. Our staff provides safe and efficient fluorescent light bulb disposal, and can ensure any mercury contamination onsite will be mitigated. Since fluorescent bulbs cannot be disposed of in regular landfills, we will remove them from your Dallas property and recycle the materials responsibly.

Don’t Throw It Away! Fluorescent Bulb Recycling in Dallas

At HP EnviroVision in Dallas, we provide EPA standard recycling for fluorescent lighting and all its components. The process typically entails breaking down the bulb into the glass, metal, and other parts that are recyclable, then safely disposing of the residual mercury. If you have been meaning to get around to fluorescent tube disposal in Dallas, let our superb technicians take care of it in a safe manner that will prevent mercury vapor from causing any harm.

Mercury Poisoning - A Risk in Fluorescent Light Disposal

Elemental, inorganic, and methylmercury cause adverse health concerns for those exposed to them. Mercury can damage the human nervous system because it is toxic to the brain, spinal cord, and developing nervous systems of fetuses and young children. Adults who are exposed in Dallas may experience numbness and tingling in the fingers, toes, lips, and tongue, or impacted vision, balance, and speech. It is especially dangerous because mercury poisoning can affect a fetus without the mother ever showing any symptoms herself.

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