Residential Lead Paint Removal

From detailed inspections and assessments to residential lead paint removal, HP EnviroVision can accomplish whatever you need done to keep you and your family safe. If you need your Dallas residence inspected for lead paint, our hazardous material experts help. No too situations are the same and we have a few different treatment options depending on the scenario at your home. HP EnviroVision takes pride in providing quality services with the highest standards of safety to keep Dallas homes free of  lead paint.

Conducting Residential Lead Paint Removal in Dallas

When you choose HP EnviroVision, you’re choosing a well-informed staff who work hard to keep your family and guests safe from lead paint contamination in Dallas. We make sure to do detailed inspection and testing to find out what we can about the lead exposure so we can make the best decision on how to go about getting rid of it. We do our utmost to preserve the homes we are working on and ensure the health and safety of everyone who enters it. Our technicians can identify hazardous material and help you decide what steps need to be taken to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Lead Paint Contamination – A Risk for Older Dallas Homes

If your Dallas home is more than forty years old, there is a good chance that there is lead paint somewhere in the building. Though the mere presence of lead paint isn’t inherently automatically dangerous, instances of chipping paint, irregular surfaces, and protrusions could potentially be life-threatening if left to degrade further. If your Dallas home needs abatement or remediation, HP EnviroVision has you covered.

Abatement Reduces the Risk of Lead Poisoning

Our experts can help effectively rid your Dallas home of lead contamination. If the walls or ceiling of your home has cracked or paint, small particles flake off of it and become lead dust, which can poison the air in your residence. HP EnviroVision can identify lead paint hazards in your home and then perform the necessary abatement processes to diminish the risk of lead exposure. We follow the highest standards at all lead paint removal jobs in Dallas, and our technicians know how to prevent from spreading lead paint while conducting lead paint removal.

Call HP EnviroVision in Dallas for a Free Estimate

Get in touch with HP EnviroVision today for a high-quality environmental construction firm in Dallas. We are fully equipped and comply with EPA guidelines for abatement and remediation of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, and mold. HP EnviroVision is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to tackle environmental construction projects of any size. Do not risk your health by hesitating, contact us for a free estimate.