Commercial Mold Removal

If your Dallas property is faced with a mold infestation, turn to HP EnviroVision for first-class commercial mold removal and remediation services. Our mold technicians are licensed and certified to remove mold from commercial structures and implement mitigation techniques to stop mold from taking over again. We partner with a trusted mold inspection companies since we are primarily a commercial mold remediation company, and state law dictates that the company who inspects for mold cannot also remove it. From black mold to more common species, we have the equipment and know-how to handle mold in a manner that will not harm humans or the environment.

Commercial Mold Removal Service in Dallas

HP EnviroVision recommends that Dallas businesses seek a commercial mold removal professional who has cutting edge technology and the latest training to minimize the spread of spores to non-contaminated sections of your building during mold removal. Our approach involves sealing off the infected room and HVAC ducts in order to create negative pressure in the room, which keeps the spores consolidated. When we have finished removing all the visible mold from your building, our mold techs will initiate the remediation process.

Commercial Mold Remediation in Dallas

All it takes for mold to grow in Dallas’ warm climate is an excessive amount of moisture—common in leaky roofs or pipes and basements in building with an insufficient drain in the landscape. Thus, solving a mold problem requires addressing excessive moisture. Our commercial mold remediation services are designed to locate and stop moisture problems at your property. Regardless of how thorough our crew is removing the mold from your building, if there is too much moisture sitting in an area, mold will take over again.

Trusted Commercial Mold Removal Company in Dallas

For over two decades, HP EnviroVision has been a trusted commercial mold remediation and removal company in the Dallas area. Our staff is committed to providing professional, friendly, and quality customer service along with our excellent mold removal services. It is our goal to provide Dallas business owners with unparalleled mold remediation, and removal services that are completed efficiently and at an affordable price. You put your faith in us to have a fully licensed and certified mold technician to solve all your commercial mold problems in Dallas.

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Get in touch with HP EnviroVision today for a high-quality environmental construction firm in Dallas. We are fully equipped and comply with EPA guidelines for abatement and remediation of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, and mold. HP EnviroVision is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to tackle environmental construction projects of any size. Do not risk your health by hesitating. Contact us for a free estimate.