Mold Abatement & Mitigation

When you need an environmental abatement company to manage a mold problem in your Dallas home or business, turn to HP EnviroVision. We offer professional and environmentally conscious mold abatement and mitigation in accordance to state regulations. Not only will we abate all mold from your property and mitigate any future infestation, but our crew will also return your Dallas home or business to the state it was in prior to incurring mold damage.

Mold Abatement Dallas for Homes and Businesses

When it comes to mold abatement in your home or business in Dallas, we recommended that you seek professional assistance, like that offered by HP EnviroVision. Since mold is microscopic and can travel through the air and requires a trained technician to safely remove it from your property without the risk of spreading to other areas. Our Dallas crew will use the latest mold abatement technology and techniques in order to seal off the affected area, creating negative pressure, which keeps the spores localized during the removal process. When all visible mold is removed, we will move on to the mitigation process.

Mold Mitigation Service Available in Dallas

Mold flourishes in warm, humid environments, such as basements and attics of Dallas properties, using building materials as a food source. A mold problem usually arises from increased moisture in areas where it should not. Mold mitigation is important because it treats the underlying cause of the mold infestation, creating a solution to stop future outbreaks. If we did not mitigate the problem, then you could have future mold problems even if we removed all the visible colonies from your home or business in Dallas.

Experienced Mold Abatement and Mitigation Company in Dallas

For over two decades, HP EnviroVision has been a mold abatement company focused on being recognized as a leader in the environmental abatement industry. We employ staff that is committed to giving Dallas professional, friendly, and quality customer service along with first-class mold mitigation services. As a mold mitigation company, it is our mission to give Dallas unsurpassed mold mitigation and abatement completed in a timely manner—all at an affordable price. You can put your trust in our licensed and certified mold technicians to solve your mold problem.

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Get in touch with HP EnviroVision today for a high-quality environmental construction firm in Dallas. We are fully equipped and comply with EPA guidelines for abatement and remediation of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, and mold. HP EnviroVision is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to tackle environmental construction projects of any size. Do not risk your health by hesitating. Contact us for a free estimate.