Mold Inspection & Testing

HP EnviroVision can provide you with recommendations for independent, state licensed mold testing, assessment inspection firms. It is best to have a professional conduct mold inspection and testing in your home or business. A do-it-yourself test, without an expert to interpret the results, will tell you little about the mold infestation that may or may not be within your property. Our third-party testing company is great for real estate transactions in Dallas, landlord-tenant disputes, and instances of water damage. HP EnviroVision is always thorough, and you can trust that if there is a mold problem on your Dallas property it will be discovered HP EnviroVision will properly remediate it.

Mold Testing Services in Dallas

Mold comes in a wide range of appearances, and the only way to know what type of mold you have is through testing. Use of a third-party testing company, as per state regulations, in order to determine what type of mold has infested your property. State licensed mold assessment services in Dallas are helpful also for situations where there is no visible mold, but you smell mold or are experiencing the effects of mold toxicity, as well as post-remediation clearance of your property or to understand the air quality of your indoor space better.

Mold Inspection for Dallas Homes and Businesses

Since mold can easily spread in hidden areas of your home, a mold inspection from a state licensed professional is advised for situations such as plumbing leaks behind walls or water damage from severe weather and flooding. The inspectors at HP EnviroVision understand what mold needs to grow and spread throughout Dallas properties, so you can trust our mold inspections to be thorough and informative for situations where you do not see mold but suspect that it may be present.

Black Mold Testing in Dallas

If you suspect that your home has a hidden infestation of
black mold, HP EnviroVision can direct you to specific testing for black mold.
The mycotoxins from black mold can cause flu or common cold symptoms, so if you
are experiencing unseasonable symptoms, then black mold testing may be able to
help you figure out what might be causing your illness. This process involves
taking air samples and surface samples from areas suspected to have large
colonies of black mold. You can rest assured that HP EnviroVision does not cut
corners and will leave no area overlooked in your Dallas property.

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